Criteria for evaluating acoustic induced vibration damage (AIV) has been based on available data, often referred to as the Carucci-Mueller approach1. The Carucci-Mueller approach has been developed with several variances, but all approaches apply the internal sound power formula used with that original published data. However, the equation is an approximation to sound power which is used in very few other applications. This paper will show a correlation between the Carucci-Mueller data and the related design curve to one generated using the IEC 60534-8-3 Control Valve Aerodynamic prediction noise standard2. Additional corrections for fabrication quality will be reviewed. Using internal sound power and the coupling to pipe wall vibration, the resulting external sound pressure can be directly related to strain and thus fatigue failure criteria which are material based. Utilizing the IEC noise standard as well as standards which give corrections for fabrication quality can move the AIV evaluation techniques to methods that are documented in international standards.

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