A probabilistic fracture mechanics code, PRAISE-CANDU 1.0, has been developed under a software quality assurance program in full compliance with CSA N286.7-99, and was initially released in 2012 June. Extensive verification and validation has been performed on PRAISE-CANDU 1.0 for the purpose of software quality assurance. This paper presents the benchmarking performed between PRAISE-CANDU 1.0 and xLPR (eXtremely Low Probability of Rupture) version 1.0 using the cases from the xLPR pilot study. The xLPR code was developed in a configuration management and quality assured manner. Both codes adopted a state-of-art code architecture for the treatment of the uncertainties. Inputs to the PRAISE-CANDU were established as close as possible to those used in corresponding xLPR cases. Excellent agreement has been observed among the results obtained from the two PFM codes in spite of some differences between the codes. This benchmarking is considered to be an important element of the validation of PRAISE-CANDU.

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