The Energy Institute Guidelines for the Management of Integrity of Bolted Joints in pressurized systems [1] was first introduced in 2002 in response to a drive to reduce Hydrocarbon leakage in the UK Offshore Industry. This was a successful initiative and the guidelines were updated in 2007 assisting with a further push to reduce Hydrocarbon leakage — at that time the guidelines were extended to the onshore industry.

The guidelines are now under review again with a target publication in 2013 to ensure they remain current best practice, which has a high relevance in 2013 the 25th Anniversary Year of the Piper Alpha disaster.

This paper will give an overview of the Guidelines — and discuss the key changes on the previous versions and alignment with ASME PCC-1-2010.[2]

The paper will also discuss developments in other key bolted joint standards in Europe including: En1591-1[3] and En1591-4[4].

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