In this paper, impact tests on the S30403 austenitic stainless steel at 20°C as well as −196°C were carried out. Both base plate and welded joint including weld and heat-affected zone are tested to measure the impact work KV2. It is found that when the temperature of the testing environment is decreased from 20°C to −196°C, both the impact work KV2 for the base plate and welded joint are decreased remarkably. Specifically, the impact work KV2 for the base plate decreases by 19–29% while that for the welded joint decreases by as much as 53.8%. In addition, impact tests with different size of specimens show the impact work KV2 with 5×10×55mm specimens is about 0.53–0.54 times that with 7.5×10×55mm specimens, much lower than 2/3, the ratio of two specimens’ cross section areas, indicating that rules in relevant steel or equipment standards regarding impact tests using small specimens need to be revised.

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