In construction and destruction of buildings and industrial plants, an excavator is widly used. In addition, the excavator is used for processing of rubble at the time of a serious accident. In such cases, the excavator is required a quick work. Then, the burden on operators becomes large by especially vibration of the excavator. Therefore, the purpose of this study is research and development of vibration control device for excavators. In order to suppress uncomfortable vibrations such as mechanical vibration, wind vibration and traffic vibration, a Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) is most commonly used. Usually the TMD is tuned by using optimal design formula. This formula uses weight and stiffness of the control target. However the tuning violated if weight and stiffness of control target are varied. In order to solve this problem, a Multiple Tuned Mass Damper (MTMD) is proposed in this study. The MTMD consists of a primary mass and several secondary masses. The secondary masses are placed on the primary mass in series, and its weight ratio to the primary mass is about 5%. The effective target frequency range of vibration control can be widened by applying the secondary masses. This paper describes MTMD, and the investigation into vibration control performance for excavators by simulation and experiment.

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