The spent fuel rack of a nuclear plant stores the spent fuel temporarily before it can be moved to a reprocessing facility. Therefore, the spent fuel rack must have a high tolerance against big seismic loads. Sliding and rocking motions of full-scale rack model having full loading fuel assembly subjected to the seismic excitation are studied [1]. We carried out the seismic test of the free standing rack under some conditions. The distribution of the fuel assembly affects the sliding and rocking motions of the rack, and the outer plate reduces the rack response level by fluid effect. We made sure of them by seismic experiment using a shaking table.

In this paper, sliding and rocking motions of full-scale rack model under some conditions are studied. To develop an analysis evaluation method of the rack sliding and rocking motions, we obtained the fundamental data about the free standing rack by seismic test using a shaking table.

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