The paper presents results of a sub-task of the STYLE project currently running within the 7th Framework EU programme by way of an overview of deterministic engineering assessment methods (EAM) used for evaluation of flawed nuclear plant components, as used in various European countries (Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland and Sweden).

Within STYLE, several mock-up experiments are being performed on specimens containing structural features. Structural features being considered include (1) dissimilar metal welds, (2) repair welds, and (3) austenitic cladding on a ferritic pipe. The overview thus focuses on the evaluation of flaws contained within each of these three types of features.

Information on the procedures and codes applied in the various countries are given: KTA standard, ASME Code in Germany; ZG Appendix of RCC-M, A16 Appendix of RCC-MRx, and App. 5.4–5.6 of RSE-M in France; R6 in the UK; BS7910, R6 in the Netherlands; VERLIFE, ASME Code in the Czech Republic; ASME Code in Spain; SSM Handbook, ASME Code in Finland; and SSM Handbook, ASME Code, ProSACC in Sweden.

An overview and brief description of the different methods is included in the paper, highlighting the commonalities and differences among the various approaches.

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