Flowserve is supplying motor operated valves (MOVs) to Generation 3+ nuclear power plants. These valves have been custom designed to meet the design and qualification criteria for ASME Section III, Class 1 nuclear service. To support plant operations, the valve designs benefit from the lessons learned from US NRC Generic Letter 89-10, “Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valve Testing and Surveillance”, the subsequent MOV testing programs, the Joint Owners Group (JOG) MOV Periodic Verification Program and ASME QME-1 functional qualifications.

As a result, some new MOV designs are larger and heavier than typical valves of corresponding size and pressure class supplied to existing nuclear power plants.

During the valve functional testing portion of valve manufacturer’s production testing, each MOV assembly is instrumented to record stem thrust and torque, position, motor operator voltage and current draw, and limit switch and torque switch function. The data are digitally recorded for further review and acceptance. The baseline data will allow the end user to confirm proper MOV installation and setup. The baseline data can also be compared to future in-situ test data to evaluate potential performance degradation during the nuclear power plant operation.

This paper discusses:

• MOV design parameters and design features

• The production testing to establish and record MOV baseline functional data and

• ASME QME-1-2007 qualification of these MOVs

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