Alloy 690 is a 30 wt% chromium base metal with excellent resistance to PWSCC. Alloy 52M (ERNiCr-7A) is weld filler metal that closely matches the composition of Alloy 690 and also exhibits excellent resistance to PWSCC [1]. Alloy 52M is currently used for new nuclear component fabrication and for repair and mitigation of PWSCC in operating nuclear power plants. Unfortunately, industry experience and laboratory testing has shown that Alloy 52M is susceptible to hot cracking when welding over some austenitic stainless steel base material compositions. Currently there is no clear understanding of the specific composition levels that increase the susceptibility to hot cracking. This paper summarizes preliminary results of an EPRI study on hot cracking susceptibility Alloy 52M when welded on a range of austenitic stainless steel samples [2]. The focus of the EPRI study was to identify high risk base metals with compositions that promote hot cracking and provide counter measures to mitigate or lessen the propensity for hot cracking.

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