A high-order spectral difference (SD) method for solving the Navier-Stokes equations on moving, deformable unstructured grids has been developed [1]. In this paper, the SD method and the artificial compressibility method (ACM) are integrated with a dual time-stepping scheme to model unsteady incompressible viscous flow past an inline tube bundle of cylinders equally sized (diameter = d) and spaced (spacing = 2.1*d) over an unstructured grid. Flow simulation results are obtained using a fourth-order space accurate SD method. Two forced oscillation cases are considered; (1) 1st cylinder oscillation and (2) 2nd cylinder oscillation. The Reynolds number used for both cases is 100 and the flow is laminar. Forced oscillation is performed in the tranverse direction, and the subsequent altering of the flow physics of the system is studied. The frequency of vortex shedding behind each cylinder is the same. Root mean square results show that the lift coefficient is greatest for the 4th inline cylinder in both cases. Furthermore, a reduction in both lift and drag coefficients is seen from case (1) to case (2).

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