Fluid transients have been a major topic of research due to its possible fatal consequence. For example, the sudden closure of valves or operation of pumps can create pressure waves. High pressure pulses propagate through pipelines and generate huge unbalanced forces, known as waterhammer. A lack of consideration of fluid transient forces can even lead to pipe ruptures. The increasing interest in dynamic safety demands the necessity of deep considerations for fluid transients. An assessment process is required that includes the internal unbalanced forces and the dynamic system response in the pipework. This paper presents the comparison between a simplified method and time history analysis, which are analytical methods for transient forces. A simplified method is manual calculation based on the conservation of mass and momentum equations, and the impact loading theory. Time history analysis is computer simulation for transient analysis and piping structural analysis. The paper illustrates the deviations of result which contain waterhammer force, displacements and resultant stresses for the piping system by applying both analytical methods.

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