The allowable compressive stresses in pressure vessels can be calculated either from ASME Section VIII Division 1, Paragraph UG-28 vacuum chart method [2] or Code Case 2286 [1]. Code Case 2286 has been incorporated into ASME Section VIII Division 2, Part 5. For Division 1 vessels, the vacuum chart method is a user-friendly tool for determining allowable compressive stress. In this paper, the authors present the development of allowable compressive stress data based on closed-form solutions of Code Case 2286. These closed-form solutions yield exact allowable compressive stress values which are not influenced by any kind of sensitivity. The development presented in the paper is also user-friendly, similar to the vacuum chart, for the determination of allowable compressive stresses. These designs, based on Code Case 2286, are economical without any compromise in the safety of the pressure vessel. Examples are included to demonstrate the results.

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