The seismic response and qualification of nuclear power plant related building structures and non-structural components are affected by the sub-systems’ dynamic properties as well as the external excitation level and characteristics; to which these subsystems are subjected in a seismic event. Recently a great interest in the seismic characteristics of Eastern North America has resulted in the revision of the methodology used to develop response spectra for Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) sites including Eastern Canada. Currently site specific Uniform Hazard Spectra (UHS) are developed based on updated data that is specific to the continental East North America region and modified ground motion prediction equations. The revised UHS exhibit higher amplification in the high frequency range as compared to standard spectral shapes traditionally used in CSA/CAN3 289.3 for 1981. This paper presents the numerical results and observations for an investigation aimed at identifying the effect of these revised UHS spectral shape on the response on non structural components including piping typically requiring seismic qualification in NPPs.

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