The regulatory process covers health and safety issues in the context of large power reactors; this paper addresses how requirements on designers and owners might be scaled for small modular reactors (SMR) in proportion to the risks for the type of technology.

Light water SMRs are designed to incorporate many of the fuel and passive safety features already described in the Design Control Documents and Final Safety Analysis Report (FSARs) for large power reactors. Regulations are written to principally address large and advanced power reactors. This paper proposes a several step process to simplify the process of getting design certification, a license to manufacture LWR type SMR, construct a SMR at multiple sites, and accelerate an applicant’s Early Site Review and Combined Operating License process.

This paper looks at issues identified by the NRC Commissioners in SECY 10, 0034, 3/28/10, Potential Policy, Licensing, and Key Technical Issues for Small Modular Reactor Designs, from the industry perspective. Since the SMR issues are less complex and involve less risk than the corresponding issues for large reactors, this paper describes theoretical means of reducing the scope, schedule, and cost of a SMR.

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