A typical Oil and Gas Asset will have a minimum of 10,000 bolted connections with larger assets exceeding 100,000 joints. Yet a leak on any one of those joints could result in disaster. The need for a management system using the power of modern computing is therefore evident. The paper will use the Energy Institute guidelines for managing the integrity of bolted joints for pressurized systems (ISBN 978 0 85293 461 6) [6] as its core theme, highlight its correlation with ASME PCC-1-2010 [1] and describe a number of case studies where implementation has successfully achieved the goal of reducing Hydrocarbon escapes. The guidelines [6] develop 8 Essential Elements of a management system. Ownership - Technology and Practice - Criticality Assessment - Training and Competence - Records Data Management and Tagging - In service inspection - Management of Leaks - Analysis Learning and Improvement. The relevance and implementation of each of these elements will be explained.

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