In recent years, the coal chemical industry project which can replace the petrochemical products is an investment hot spot. The Syngas-purification Unit is a main part of the coal chemical industry. Its role is: purify the syngas obtained from the gasification reaction (absorb the hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide). Yet, there is no research and the summary about the corrosion, failure mechanism and risk level of this unit. In this paper, the syngas-purification equipment of Sinopec Qilu Corporation were quantified by RBI analysis, and investigated the corrosion of the syngas-purification equipment, and discussed the device typical failure mechanism, and proposed the recommendations of the corrosion and on-line monitoring, etc.

In last few years, the production of clean energy and alternative oil chemical products from the new coal chemical projects become of great interest[1]. Because the purification of the syngas is necessary, the syngas-purification unit is one of the main equipment of coal chemical industry. In the country, there is no systematic study or summary about the corrosion, failure mechanism and risk level of the device. The RBI analysis of the Syngas-purification unit is necessary, and has some guiding significance for the routine maintenance and periodic inspection of the device.

This paper introduces the corrosion and the typical failure mechanism of Syngas-purification unit followed by the risk assessment results. Then the paper puts forward the suggestion on line monitoring.

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