During the past 20 years many works have been done on Ageing Management Program (AMP) of Safety classed components in EDF.

To-day, EDF is starting the 3rd ten-year shutdown of all these 3-loop plants (34 plants). During the associated Safety Review, a specific task is devoted to ageing effects and management of all the safety concerned components. A large list of components has been reviewed: mechanical, civil engineering, instrumentation and control, cables, non metallic components.

Cast duplex stainless steel components are an example of these reviews. This material is used in many PWR components: elbows, pump casing, valves…A specific Ageing Management Program has been developed in France in the past 20 years in order to consider thermal ageing consequences on different components.

This program considers:

- Degradation mechanism understanding;

- Diagnostic: what are the more sensitive components;

- Monitoring in operation: thermal power;

- In-service inspection: radiography and other laboratory methods;

- Flaw evaluation and material properties;

- Replacement of elbows, alone or associated to steam generator replacement.

The paper will give a short description of each topic. In the moment EDF is planning a large replacement program of CF8M elbows to assure safety margins for 60 years of operation.

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