For corroded piping in low temperature systems, such as service water systems in nuclear power plants, replacement of carbon steel pipe with High Density Polyethylene pipe is a cost-effective solution. Polyethylene pipe can be installed at much lower labor costs than carbon steel pipe and High Density Polyethylene pipe has a much greater resistance to corrosion. This paper presents the results of Electric Power Research Institute sponsored testing to determine material damping values for High Density Polyethylene pipe material. This was determined by experimental methods using the log decrement approach. Cantilevered beam samples were deflected, released and the resulting free vibration response was recorded. The possible relationship of the damping value to the natural frequency and the stress level of the test samples is also studied. The results of the testing are presented along with suggested damping values to be used in the seismic analysis of High Density Polyethylene piping.

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