The seismic response of extra-large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tank isolated vertically by multiple friction pendulum system (MFPS) is analyzed. The fundamental frequency of the extra-large LNG tank is usually the range of dominant frequency of most earthquake ground motions. It is an effective way to decrease the response for an isolation system being used for extra-large LNG storage tanks under the strong earthquake. However, it is rather difficult to implement in practice using common bearings because of low temperature, soft site and other severe environment factors. The extra-large LNG tank isolated by MFPS is presented in this study to solve these problems. MFPS is appropriate for large displacements induced by earthquakes with long predominant periods. A simplified finite element model by Malhotra and Dunkerly methods is used to judge the utility of the isolation system. Data reported and statistically sorted include pile shear, wave height, impulsive acceleration, convective acceleration and outer tank acceleration. The results show that the isolation system has excellent adaptability for different liquid levels and is very effective to control seismic response of the extra-large LNG tank.

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