During the past 15 years many works have been done on Ageing Management Program (AMP) of Safety classed components in EDF. The paper will describe all the different aspects concerning these programs, and in particular the EDF step by step procedure and the major results. To-day, EDF is starting the 3rd ten-year shutdown of all these 3-loop plants (34 plants). During the associated Safety Review, a specific task is devoted to ageing effects and control of all the safety concerned components. A large list of components has been reviewed: mechanical, civil engineering, instrumentation and control, cables, non metallic components. Few non safety but important in term of availability components are considered, like turbine or some balance of plant components. A general review of results and difficulties for 40 and 60 years are presented in the paper. The second part is devoted to a short review of our procedure with IAEA guidelines. The third part will shortly describe the associated R&D program for metallic components and knowledge management associated to AMP. The major conclusions are clearly supporting the needs of international basic procedure and harmonization on the major topics.

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