The web-enabled materials properties database MatDB of the European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) is a database application for the storage, retrieval and evaluation of experimentally measured materials data coming from European R&D projects. Data exchange and interoperability are important database issues to reduce costs of expensive material tests. Many organizations world-wide are participating in the development of GEN IV reactors. To reduce costs the GEN IV International Forum has agreed to interoperate and exchange data for the screening and qualification of candidate materials. To simplify the complexity of data mapping between differently structured databases, adoption of a standardized XML schema is the favored option. The paper focuses on MatDB XML related tools and items: • Upgrade, extension and implementation of the MatDB XML schema within a planned US/EC cooperation; • European standardization activities for data exchange, interoperability and the development of standard formats for engineering materials data; • MatDB data cite participation.

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