The stress corrosion cracking susceptibilities of type 16MnR low-alloy steel in simulated oil refining environment were investigated by slow strain rate test. Many research works have been done to study the single solution parameter effect on the stress corrosion cracking, such as H2S concentration or Cl content, but less had been done for the interactive effect of the multiparameter. In this work, the separate and interactive effects of H2S concentration, Cl content, temperature and pH value on stress corrosion cracking susceptibilities were studied. By stepwise regression analysis of test results, the effect notabilities of medium parameters on stress corrosion cracking susceptive index were revealed. It could be conclude that the effect of H2S concentrations was most notable to susceptive indexes, there was no notable correlativity between Cl content and susceptive indexes, temperature and H2S played interactive role on the susceptive indexes.

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