The world’s first filament-wound ASME Section X [1] Class II FRP(fiber reinforced plastic) vessels were built by Tankinetics Inc. in 2010. These vessels had semi-elliptical top and bottom, and were supported on skirts as shown in Fig.1. This paper is focused on the novelty of these vessels from design and fabrication standpoints. The design pressure is 50.76 psig. Ashland Derakane™ 470 resin is selected for the corrosion liner, and Derakane™ 510 N resin is used in the structural layer. The design is based on ASME Section X code [1] method A. For wind and seismic analysis, IBC 2006[3] and NBCC 2005[4] codes are followed. The domed top and bottom were made by hand lay-up method while the cylindrical shell section and skirt were made by filament winding technology. Filament winding is chosen for these pioneer vessels because it can produce stiffer, higher-strength laminates with much less fabrication time as compared to traditional hand lay-up process.

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