Iron-based hard-facing alloys, such as Norem, are considered to be good substitutes for Co-based ones where radiological activation is an issue. This work aims at studying residual stresses inside Norem02 Plasma Transferred Arc deposits. A standard test sample used by a valve manufacturer is taken as an example: it consists of a stainless steel (AISI 316L) disk with circular weld bead deposits of Norem hard-facing on both sides. Residual stresses were investigated using neutron diffraction on the ENGIN-X beam line. As expected, experimental results tends to indicate the welding overlap zones to be affected by reheating. Since previous works indicates quite limited metallurgical influence of high temperature re-heating on the deposited material, it is expected to be possible to capture this effect by further finite element modelling of the welding process, in order to study its influence on further in-service behaviour of valves.

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