This paper investigated the impact properties of a novel polymer composite material with a potential to repeatedly self-heal impact damage in FRP vessels. The composite was fabricated by first dispersing copolyster thermoplastic particles in a shape memory polymer (SMP) matrix, and then reinforcing the material with three-dimensional (3D) woven glass fibers. Specimens of the reinforced composite with dimensions of 152 mm × 101 mm × 12.7 mm were produced by machining and divided into two groups (G1 and G2). G1 specimens were subjected to several impact/healing test cycles with 42 J of impact energy. G2 specimens were subjected to repeated impact test cycles with no healing at the same energy level. A third group of specimens without thermoplastic particles (G3), with identical dimensions as G2 was also produced and tested in a similar manner as G2 to evaluate the effects of thermoplastic particles on impact resistance. G2 specimens were perforated at the 40th impact while G3 specimens were perforated at the 27th impact. G1 specimens lasted an additional 9 rounds of impact to a total of 49 impacts compared to G2 specimens.

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