Small Punch, hereinafter designated as SP, creep test has been proposed as a semi destructive testing methodology to examine the residual creep life of high temperature components. Employing low alloy steel, a series of SP creep tests were conducted on disc specimens at 600°C in air and in high vacuum to investigate the influence of oxide scale on the creep rupture life. Thickness of the oxide scale on disc specimens in air increased with the test duration, e.g., about 30μm in thickness after 400 hours. The creep rupture life in air reduced to a half of the life in vacuum due to an increase in the actual stress in the disc thickness. In addition, the magnitude of radius of a lower die shoulder affected the SP creep rupture life. The influence of this radius on the SP creep life was also studied experimentally and numerically. The creep rupture life with the die radius of 0.5mm had twice longer than that with 0.6mm. This fact was also demonstrated by the FE analysis.

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