The Small Punch (SP) test technique is an innovative, powerful technique based on tests using miniaturized specimens. At present, it is the only existing method capable of providing experimental characterization of service exposed materials of components. It is non invasive and provides direct measured material properties. It provides a significant technology capability that facilitates assessing power plant operating equipment for structural integrity and operational condition. The SP Testing facility supported by the in situ sampling for test specimens provides utility members an attractive option to interrogate equipment for making run/inspect/repair/replace decisions. It is supported by EPRI Software, NDE and Metallography facilities, to define guidelines for components life assessment cross the sector, serving both utilities, and constructors. It addresses the industrial need for personalized material and welds data required for: - lifing of plant, consumed life and residual life of components, - convenience of repairing, replacing, life of the new welds on old components, - cost of component deterioration, cost of normal service, - characterizations and qualifications of blade repairs, of coating materials-methods, - fast determination of new casts strength produced by Electron Beam. The sampling and test facility provides low temperature test data including transition temperature and fracture toughness (KIc, JIc) measurements with minimal empiricism, to a high-temperature material property data including tensile, creep and creep rupture properties. The materials used for components in power generation industry are presented along with the test facility and specific applications in the subject field.

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