A comprehensive approach for the treatment of components operating at high temperature is of immediate industrial interest. Particularly, the components with weldments in currently aging plants are prone to failure. Although these components are designed for base load operation, they are now forced to cyclic operation. This important issue needs to be addressed by a methodology that will be developed and incorporated into design codes such as ASME, as well as in Fitness-for-Service (FFS) assessment procedures (e.g. API 579/ASME FFS1, R5, RCC-MR A16) for in-service plant components. Assessment of welded components for Fitness-for-Service is addressed in fragments in various procedures. The present paper gives an overview of the high temperature assessment procedures including recent developments in the FFS procedures. Experimental and analytical test results from ferritic steel P22, which is used in power generation and chemical processing industrial applications are presented.

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