Large-scale oil tanks are being studied all along because they have a series of advantages. For example, they can reduce the cost of manufacturing and management of the facilities, and save land. So the volume of oil tanks becomes larger and larger during their development. However, without on-site heat treatment, the thickness of the shell of traditional oil tanks is restricted to 200,000 m3. In this paper, a new structure named Ultra-large Hydraulic-Balance oil tank with double-shell was put forward. With the method of hydraulic-balance, oil tanks of this structure could be larger than 200,000 m3. Besides expounding the working principle in detail, a 200,000 m3 oil tank with double-shell was also designed in the paper according to API 650, and the finite element model was used to analyze the stress including intensity and distribution of both shells in order to test and verify its security. Furthermore, its economy was analyzed by comparing with traditional oil tanks. Finally, the problem caused by the difference of liquid lever as well as was discussed. Results show that Ultra-large Hydraulic-Balance oil tank with double-shell owned advantages including rational construction, economy and easy manufacturing.

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