Dynamic responses considering fluid structure interaction (FSI) is important in many engineering fields and some of the FSI phenomena are treated as an acoustic fluid and structure interaction (AFSI) problem. The dynamic interactions between the fluid and structure can change dynamic characteristics of structures and their responses to external excitation such as seismic loading. The authors have developed a coupled simulation system for the large scale AFSI problems using an iterative partitioned coupling technique. In the system, the authors employed ADVENTURE system which adopted an efficient preconditioned iterative linear algebraic solver, and ADVENTURE Coupler is used to handle interface variable efficiently on various parallel computational environments. The authors employ Broyden method for updating interface accelerations to obtain the robust and fast convergence property of fixed point iterations. This paper presents the overview of the coupled analysis system and the results of its application to several AFSI problems are shown. The system runs efficiently in a parallel environment and it is capable for analyses of complex shaped three dimensional structures with more than 20 million degrees of freedom model.

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