The floating roofs are used in large aboveground storage tanks to prevent evaporation of the content. The single-deck floating roof, which is considered herein, consists of a thin circular plate called a deck attached to a buoyant ring of box-shaped cross section called a pontoon. Under the accumulated rain water condition, the deck is deflected largely, and both its edge part and the pontoon are compressed circumferentially. Since the load condition due to the rain water depends on the deflected deck shape, it is difficult to find the unique equilibrium condition. This paper describes the deformation analysis for the single-deck floating roofs under the accumulated rain water condition using the geometrically nonlinear axisymmetric shell finite element method. The load incremental method, in which the equivalent nodal forces due to the rain water converges to coincide with the rain water load derived from both the current rain water volume and the deflected deck shape, is used.

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