It is known that bolt forces reduce significantly after tightening bolted flanged connections in which expanded PTFE gaskets are used. Bolts are often post-tightened in practice after a while to compensate for the reduction of bolt forces. The viscoelastic characteristic of expanded PTFE gaskets is the main cause for the phenomenon. However, the long term effects of the post-tightening on the residual bolt forces and the sealing performance of flanged connections have not been clarified yet. In this study, two sets of flanged connections (2 inch in nominal size), in which PTFE gaskets were used, were prepared and tightened. One of the flanges was post-tightened after a designated time. The reduction of bolt forces and the change in the sealing performance were measured for about two months. The results were compared with those of flanges without post-tightening. Based on the test results, the effectiveness of post-tightening was discussed from the viewpoint of the residual bolt force and the sealing performance. It has been clarified that the effectiveness of post-tightening depends on gasket material and that post-tightening is effective for expanded PTFE gaskets.

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