A feasibility study for developing Advanced Power Reactor Plus (APR+), an improved nuclear power unit to succeed to the Korea’s current Advanced Power Reactor 1400 MWe (APR1400), has been carried out for 2 years from August 2007 to July 2009. The major goals of this study are to identify top-tier requirements for the candidate APR+, to develop a preliminary design concept, and to evaluate conceptual design in terms of safety, economics, and performance characteristics. From this study, it is presumed that the APR+ can be developed as a two loop evolutionary pressurized water reactor with a number of advanced design features to enhance safety and economics based on the APR1400 technology. For economic enhancement, the APR+ core power has increased up to 4,290 MWth which corresponds to a 1500MWe class nuclear power plant. Several new construction technologies are introduced so as to shorten construction period. For safety enhancement, several advanced design features have been proposed in APR+ design such as an improved direct vessel injection (DVI+), an advanced fluidic device (FD+), a passive auxiliary feedwater system (PAFS), and a mechanical and electrical four train safety concept based on N+2 design philosophy. As accident mitigation features are improved, the in-vessel retention through external reactor vessel cooling (IVR-ERVC) system will be incorporated. The standard design of APR+ is in progress and expected to acquire the standard design approval from the Korean nuclear regulatory body by the end of 2012.

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