The detached houses designed by the old structural design index in Japan were sustained enormous damage from Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake, and are over 47% in total detached houses in Japan even now. The upgrading for seismic safety such detached houses is urgent duties because a possibility of occurrence of huge earthquake is expected in a high probability. This study tries to apply urethane rubber material not only to seismic safety element but also to energy absorbing element for structural response control. A linearity of basic mechanical characteristics of urethane rubber is generally much stronger than viscoelastic material such as a high damping rubber. Moreover, it is possible to arrange a proper mechanical characteristics that is satisfied the design demand to fit each application cases. As a first step on the study, the mechanical characteristics were confirmed by several loading tests, and it is confirmed that the test specimen using urethane rubber indicates a high linearity in the mechanical characteristics and a high damping performance in condition with the test parameters of shaking frequency and amplitude.

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