This paper presents the structural dynamic analysis of the 9516 package subjected to two hypothetical accidents in sequence: (1) the 30-ft drop test and (2) the puncture test. The analysis is performed with the general-purpose finite element analysis computer code, ABAQUS, using explicit integration. The 9516 package consists of a containment vessel placed inside a cask mounted inside a steel cage, which acts as the impact limiter and the personnel shield. The cask has a bolted closure that provides the confinement to the containment vessel. The closure bolts initially were modeled with one-dimensional elastic connector elements bearing only the axial loads, which was adequate for the analysis of the drop test. However, the closure lid experienced significant bending during the puncture test, implying bending load acting on the closure bolts. Therefore, the closure bolts were modeled by using solid elements in a refined model so that the response to the bending load during the puncture test can be simulated. The results of the analysis showed that the closure bolts experience significant bending during the puncture test. For model validation, a comparison between the analysis results and the test results for rigid body accelerations of the package is presented. The results of the analysis based on the refined model show that the maximum stress intensities in the closure bolts, containment vessel, and cask are lower than the corresponding allowable stresses specified in the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

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