This paper describes the use of a partition gasket in addition to a self-energized, double-tapered, metal seal in a high pressure heat exchanger. For over 30 years a single gasket was used to seal the heat exchanger partitions against the closure. Although designed to standard code, it often resulted in leaks. Over the past five years, the double-tapered seal has been used extensively to replace welded diaphragms in high pressure heat exchangers in refineries with great success. In this design a tapered-seal is introduced in conjunction with a pass partition gasket for multiple pass heat exchanger, to address problems associated with leaks. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was performed on the assembly at bolt-up and during internal pressure operation, and contact pressure distribution was analyzed. A 12 scaled model of the actual heat exchanger closure assembly was designed and hydrostatic pressure tested to ensure relative pressures were held. Actual working-plant applications will be discussed as well.

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