Utilities are looking for ways to optimize plant lifetime, and must therefore prevent stress corrosion in primary components, while combating other phenomena, such as thermal fatigue or certain metallurgical weaknesses. The replacement of sections of the main primary system is one way of solving these problems. The increase in the number of the replacement of heavy components carried out in the reactor building on specific reactor geometries has called for major technical innovations on the replacement of heavy components. For above, the IAEA published a nuclear energy series (NES) on replacement of heavy components to propose guidance and share experiences. The major and heavy components to be considered are; 1) Steam generators for pressurized water reactor plants, 2) Reactor vessel head for PWR plants, 3) Reactor internal components for boiling water reactor plants, 4) Reactor vessel internals for PWR plants, 5) Pressurizer for PWR plants, 6) Reactor coolant piping/ recirculation piping PWR, and 7) Press Tube and feed piping for pressurized heavy water reactor. This paper is focused on heavy components replacement considered strategic aspects for nuclear power plants life management.

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