The Subgroup on Fit-for-Service in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) committee on Power Generation Facility Codes is developing fracture evaluation methodology on Alloy 600. A PWSCC (Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking) propagation diagram has been proposed by the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES) NiSCC (SCC Growth on Ni-based Alloys) Project. The diagram has not only mean curve but also 2σ curve. PWSCC growth analyses on dissimilar metal welds of hot-leg nozzles have been performed by using the mean curve of PWSCC crack growth rate and the stress distribution by elastic-plastic analysis that was developed by the JNES IAF (Integrity Assessment of Flawed Components with Structural Discontinuity) Project. The PWSCC growth curves analyzed were compared with the field data that were measured for PWSCCs found in the dissimilar welds of nozzles in several Japanese PWR plants. The results showed the PWSCC growth curves using the mean crack growth rate curve could conservatively evaluate the field data.

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