The professionals across the Oil & Gas industry have strived to combat the adverse effects of Hydrogen Sulphide and maintain the integrity of vital facilities. The detrimental effects of Hydrogen Sulphide on process equipment has remained as one of the prime subject of research in Oil & Gas Industry, fostering the advancement of inspection philosophies and necessitating adoption of appropriate mitigating measures. The challenge of Integrity Management increases with the ageing of equipment and increased influx of sour media. This paper discusses: • The change in operating environment — from non sour to sour. • The actions taken to protect the equipment in the changed operating environment. • Consequent changes in the inspection strategies and techniques to detect material degradation. • Material protection methodologies deployed to manage the age old facilities for safe operation. This paper gives an insight into the various methodologies adopted in KOC to address asset/plant life extension issues of an operating company to tackle the challenges caused by the changed composition of fluids handled. The paper illustrates adoption of appropriate inspection strategies, application of effective internal coating systems, periodic online monitoring of the pressure vessels to improve confidence level with respect to integrity of the vessels without necessitating major changes in the facilities.

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