This study correlates the stress intensity factors (Kii, Kpaii), the order of the stress singularity p-1, and the practical bonding strength of ceramic to metal joints with arbitrary interface geometry. First, in order to describe the stress behavior of TiB2 to Ni joints bonded at 1173K, the stress singularity factors (Kii, Kpaii, p-1) were theoretically derived for wedge angles of φ1:30°<φ1<150°. Secondly, the dependences of the singularity factors on the wedge angle φ1 were compared with experimental results using the same wedge angles on TiB2 to Ni joints with interface convexity or concavity produced by Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). In order to obtain the highest strength joints, the optimum interface shape is determined using the relationship between the singularity factors.

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