The basic theory of Time Dependent Failure Assessment Diagram (TDFAD) is introduced in this paper to be modified for cracks in mismatched welds at high temperature. A time-dependent failure assessment curve is constructed using the method of R6 Option 2. This curve depends not only on the geometry and crack size but also on the mechanical properties of both weld and base materials. The application of such an approach is given to an internal circumferentially defected welded-cylinder under axial tension. An engineering tool of integrity assessment for defected structure at high temperature has been developed for a decade based on the Time Dependent Failure Assessment Diagram (TDFAD) technology for pressure vessels. The software is illustrated in this paper by framework and interfaces and some industrial cases are introduced to show the procedure of the assessment by using the software. A high temperature material database (HTMD) of main properties for typical high temperature steels and alloys is constructed to meet the needs of the safety assessment of the pressure vessels and other structures. The structure of the database is shown in the paper with some tables and charts.

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