We describe the dynamic analysis of a spring-loaded pressure safety valve (PSV) using a moving mesh technique and transient analysis in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Multiple domains containing pure structural meshes are generated to ensure that the correlative mesh could change properly without negative volumes. With a geometrically accurate CFD model including the PSV and vessel rather than only the PSV, the entire process from valve opening to valve re-closure is presented. A detailed picture of the compressible fluid flowing through the PSV is obtained, including flow features in the very small seat region. In addition, the forces on the disc and its motion are monitored. Results from the model were very useful in investigating the dynamic and fluid characteristics of the PSV. Our practical CFD model has the potential to reduce the costs and risks associated with the development of new pressure safety valve designs. Future work will focus on improving the spring stiffness and seat region to eliminate or reduce vibration during the re-closure process.

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