Vanadium modified or 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-V materials, including SA-182 F22V, SA-336 F22V, SA-541 Type D Class 4a, and SA-832 Grade 22V, are commonly used in pressure vessels or reactors with operating temperatures in the creep range and under cyclic loading conditions. The expected equipment service life due to fatigue will be affected by accumulated creep damage, which may no longer be ignored at higher operating temperatures. Coupled fatigue and creep damages become a crucial factor in evaluating pressure components’ service conditions. ASME B&PV Code Case 2605 outlined a procedure and acceptance criteria for conducting such analysis. This study reviews the background information on fatigue evaluation in the creep range, and presents a fatigue analysis coupled with creep damage on a reactor nozzle structure using finite element method as an example and practical application of the code case. Detailed implementations, analysis results, and recommendations are demonstrated and discussed.

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