USNRC Regulatory Guide (RG) 1.207 provides a guideline for evaluating fatigue analyses due to the environmental effects on the new light water reactor (LWR). The environmental correction factor (Fen) is used to incorporate the LWR environmental effect into fatigue analyses of ASME Class 1 components. In this paper, the environmental fatigue evaluation is applied to some primary components with 60 year design life of Advanced Power Reactor (APR1400). The materials sampled from Class 1 components are the low alloy steel for the reactor vessel (RV) outlet nozzle and the carbon steel for the hot leg which are attached to the outlet nozzle. The simplified method, time-based integral method and strain-based integral method are used to compute the Fen values. The calculated fatigue usage factors including the environmental effects are compared with those obtained using the current ASME Code rules. As the calculated cumulative fatigue usage factor considering environmental effects (CUFen) is below 1.0, there is no concern for the RV outlet nozzle to implement design for environmental fatigue effects.

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