Two dimensional (2-D) axisymmetric finite element models (FEMs) are often used as a simplified means of modeling cylindrical nozzles that intersect cylindrical pressure vessels. An axisymmetric model represents the vessel as a spherical shell rather than a cylindrical shell. Therefore, analysts must correct the stresses predicted by the 2-D model to account for the three dimensional (3-D) effects caused by the true nozzle geometry, which are not represented by the 2-D axisymmetric simplification. This paper presents total stress correction factors for the nozzle blend radius region of Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Feedwater, Core Spray and Recirculation Inlet nozzle geometries. The correction factors are defined by taking the ratio of the total hoop stress from the 3-D nozzle FEM to the total hoop stress obtained from the 2-D nozzle FEM. Eighteen (18) separate nozzle designs were evaluated. These cases are considered to span the range of dimensions expected for General Electric type BWR-2 through BWR-6 Feedwater, Core Spray, and Recirculation Inlet nozzles.

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