The updating and re-writing of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 2 (2007) [1] has introduced several new and unique features. One of these features is the inclusion of specific materials data for use in elastic-plastic analysis of pressure vessel components. Both monotonic and cyclic stress strain curve models are provided, with supporting constants for a range of materials and temperatures. The elastic-perfectly plastic material model has been used in commercial Finite Element (FE) codes for many years to perform limit load and ratcheting analyses. The new material models and data of Section VIII Division 2 (S8D2) include strain hardening and are intended for use in deformation assessments, and for determining cyclic plastic strain ranges in fatigue evaluations. This paper presents one possible implementation of the Code models and data into a standard cyclic hardening model; the multiple backstress, nonlinear kinematic-hardening model of Chaboche, as implemented in the commercial Finite Element program Abaqus, versions 6.8 and later.

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