With the recent increase of a safety and environmental concern, the tightness of gasketed flanged connections becomes an important issue. In estimating the tightness of gasketed flanged connections, the sealing behavior of gaskets must be known. Currently, methods to test the sealing behaviors have been established in the North America, Europe and Japan. However, the relationships between the gasket data and the tightness of gasketed flanged connections have not been examined systematically. This paper consists of two parts: gasket data concerning sealing behavior and tightness of gasketed flanged connections. Firstly, several sheet gaskets were tested based on the test method JIS B 2490 in order to grasp tightness characteristics of gaskets. Secondly, tightness tests are carried out using blind flanges with the gaskets used in the gasket test. Both the results are compared and discussed to highlight the relationship between them. It is shown that the tightness of bolted flanged connections is largely affected by the sealing behavior of gaskets. Finally, based on the results, a simplified method to estimate the tightness of flanged connections is proposed and applied bolting load.

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