The 2007 addendum to the ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code added a new chapter that increased the scope of the Code. Chapter VII, “Operation and Maintenance,” while a brief chapter, introduces a significant change. The operation and maintenance of piping systems that are considered by the Committee to be a significant risk, should they not be adequately maintained, are now included in the scope of Chapter VII. In most cases, these new systems have been highlighted for attention as the result of failures that have caused significant property damage and/or injury to personnel. These piping systems have historically been referred to as “high-energy piping.” The Code has formally named them “covered piping systems” (CPS). CPS is specified in the Code for inclusion with respect to systems and operating conditions. The Operating Company is also encouraged to include other piping systems in the CPS that they deem prudent. Regarding the design of a maintenance program, the Code is not specific. The chapter basically says the following: “You shall have a program and you shall maintain that program.” This paper outlines the requirements of ASME B31.1 Chapter VII, “Operation and Maintenance.”

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