An eigenvalue method was proposed to study the stress intensity factors associated with the oscillating stress singularity for the axisymmetric cylindrical interface crack of the fiber/matrix composites. The fiber is a transversely isotropic material and the matrix is isotropic. Based on the fundamental equations of the spacial axisymmetric problem and the assumption of first-order approximation of the singular stress field, the discrete characteristic equation was derived using the displacement functions in the form of separated variables and the technique of meshless method. The eigenvalue is relative to the order of stress singularity, and the associated eigenvector is with respect to the displacement angular variations. The stress angular variations were derived by introducing the displacement angular variations into the constitutive relations. A finite element fiber/matrix model was used to verify the validation of the proposed eigenvalue method. The numerical results of the order of stress singularity and normalized stress angular variations are in good agreement with those obtained by the eigenvalue method. Based on the order of stress singularity and stress angular variations obtained by the eigenvalue method, as well as the numerical singular stress fields obtained by the finite element method (FEM), the stress intensity factors were determined successfully with the linear extropolation method.

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