In recent years personal casualties and fire explosion accidents are often taken place due to pipe failure accidents of petrochemical enterprises in China. For more than a decade years, the authors have conducted extensive investigation and analysis on these accidents and consider that apart from the causes of man-made quality out-of-control and technical level, another major cause is the absence of experience accumulation of some medium environments induced failure accidents for design standards and codes, design units and designers, therefore, it is unable to prevent and control in-service risk factors at the design stage. Since 2003, we have conducted risk-based inspection and analysis of industrial pipelines of all types of units in about eighty large-scale oil refinery plants, chemical plants and chemical fertilizer plants under the jurisdiction of SINOPEC and PetroChina according to API581, API571 etc. in cooperation with Bureau Veritas, France (BV). Through these analyses, we have found out the major failure modes, mechanisms, likelihood and consequences of petrochemical industrial pipelines, and we also consulted the original design and installation documents of all pipelines, it is found that most of the high failure risks of petrochemical industrial pipelines are induced by inadequate consideration to environment induced failure mechanisms at the design stage. In order to avoid repetitive occurrence of these accidents, suggestions on improvement of design and manufacture methods in China are proposed in this paper, that is, the experience of in-service environment-related failures should be fed back to the organizations of design and manufacture standards, design institutions and designers by some effective means, and set up the design and manufacture platform based on risks and life in China, so as to control the risks of pressure pipelines away from accident over the whole life through such measures as reasonable material selection, structural optimization design, selection of reasonable manufacturing and installation process etc. at early stage of design and manufacture.

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